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Welcome to Jerusalem ATV Adventure Tours!!!

"The fun begins where the road ends".

Brand new for 2017!!!

We are happy to inform you of our new "breed" of ATV:

It gives one the fun of an ATV, the feeling of a Dune Buggy and the safety of a Jeep, it is the Z-6-EX Terra Cross 2015 model.

By introducing this ATV we are now able to offer our clients different and diverse line of tours such as "The Deserts Magic" which is a two day ATV safari in the Judea Desert and the Dead Sea, this tour is a true camping tour and includes sleeping in tents,BBQ meals,camp fire at night and lots of desert driving and fun. We also offer night tours in the Jerusalem Mountains. Off road driving at night is different and special. So contact us today to reserve your ATV Tour.

NEW!!! NEW!!!

We have just opened a 2 day tour starting from the Jerusalem Mountains and driving to the Ella Valley and back to Jerusalem. For more details please read.

we run Year-Round guided tours,6 day`s a week Through Jerusalem`s Scenic Back-Country on brand new 2015 Z-6 Terra-Cross 2up seating 4x4 ATV.

We are the first ATV tour operator in the state of Israel To put into use the lucrative Z-6-EX ATV, which is  considered by many to be the best and safest 2up
Riding ATBUGGY in the world.

So, how about joining us  for a thrilling ride on an all terrain vehicle through forest and mountain trails,with views that will take your breath away.  
If you are thinking of taking you`r corporate group, family or friends to a fun social activity that brings people together while creating life lasting memories Then you have come to the right place.
Our team include highly skilled and experienced instructors which are both safety and environmentally conscious ,We can take groups of up to 45 people at a time and show them the time of their lives!

Welcome to Jerusalem ATV adventure tours!!!
We are located in one of the most beautiful places in Israel,it is a hidden jem and it is called Har-Adar.


If you`r ready to have a good time with lasting Memories,An adventure which will most likely be the Highlight of your vacation, Come join us  and don`t Forget you`r digital camera and good spirits.

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Jerusalem ATV Adventure Tours