ATV? What is it? What started out as a hit in 1970, America, was a 3-wheeled ATC (all terrain cycle)

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Manufactured by Honda(Japan) for farming, hunting & a little fun for the soul,turned out to be a product with a very big market. The ATV/UTV/Side by Sides market is divided between large and small manufacturers world wide, with the biggest market in the USA & Canada.

The leading companies today are:Polaris,Can-Am,Honda,Kawasaky,Arctic-Cat, Yamaha & Suzuki.

The "idea" behind the ATV was a "go anywhere" light and nimble vehicle, which indeed it is.

The 3-wheeler became a 4-wheeler very quick, and that is for safety reasons- the three-wheeler was tipping over in a heart beat.

So the ATV or All Terrain Vehicle,is a 4 wheeler, off road(mainly) vehicle on which you seat "on", like a motorcycle and you control it with a handle bar, not with a steering.

One more factor which makes the ATV resembel a bike/motorbike, is the fact that there are no seat belts.

This is where the resemblance ends. A person who rides a motorcycle and did not ride an ATV before, is going to have a hard time understanding how to steer the ATV.

An ATV requires proper & specific training.

Today,2019 the side by sides became much more popular then the traditional ATVs, and the reasons are few:

1)no need for specific riding skills, any person who can drive an automatic vehicle, can easily drive the new side by sides

2)you can take more people with you to enjoy nature and the ride.

3)kids & adults are much safer on a side by side rather then on an ATV.

In the picture above, you are looking at the new CanAm Maverick Max.( in our fleet).

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